E & A Caribbean Cafe

E & A Caribbean Cafe

A Review of E & A Caribbean Cafe

Review of E & A Caribbean Cafe

While searching for lunch in Lake Worth, Florida, we accidentally found E & A Caribbean Cafe – a fairly new Haitian restaurant in the Lake Worth area.
This location is in storefront in a shopping center and is one of two establishments for owner Annuel Exantus who played many roles today being short staffed making sure that service was fast. And fast service, unfortunately, isn’t something that most Haitian restaurants do well with. This is something we know and have accepted… right? Yes.
Mr. Exantus was well mannered, greeted us upon arrival. We looked at the menu board which is located on the top left corner of the wall behind the counter with 16 menu options. Frankly, this is the most we’ve seen in Haitian restaurants. Also right behind the counter there is a couple of coffee machines setup for freshly ground coffee beans which was grounded per order. As tempted as I was, I did not order coffee.
So the four of us decided to go with “legume” a very popular Haitian dish. My girls ordered it with white rice and black beans, my wife and I ordered ours with “sospwa blan” a white bean stew. Hmm. Also not the norm for Haitian restaurants. Usually the choice is between black or red beans. Kudos!
We got our meals a short while after, blessed it, then went to town. Halfway through our meal the chef, Mr. Exantus brought over, two small bowls of  soup for us to try. One was “bouyon tet kabrit” and the other “soup joumou“. By the way, they were both delicious!
Everyone at the table was so pleased with the service, the food, the mannerism of the chef / owner that we decided that this place; E & A Caribbean Cafe will be our new gem for when we’re in town.
Collectively, we give E & A Caribbean Cafe a 5 star for great service*, food*, ambiance*, decor* and cost*.

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