Outing and Dining in Haiti

Outing and Dining in Haiti

Google Image Result for http---www.salishan.com-wp-content-uploads-2011-08-Dining-701x380.jpgWhat to Know When Dining Out in Haiti:

Okay, you’re visiting Haiti for the first time – what a privilege. And so you may have questions. I’ve gathered a few for you below.


Well, really nothing you don’t already know. Dining etiquette is universal for the most part so it won’t be different in Haiti.


  1. Learn how to convert the currency from USD to Haitian Dollar and Gourdes.  That will be very important, unless you’re traveling with your Accountant. For example; 1 USD is equivalent 8.7 HD and 43.5 Gourdes. That means for every $1 you have will equal out to 8.7HD and 43.5G. Sound really redundant, but repetition is key.
  2. Brush up on your French skills, and especially Creole. They love to see visitors try to speak the language – it humanizes you. And who knows, they make throw you in a complimentary drink or dessert.
  3. As I stated earlier in the post – etiquette is universal. So, tip. In the States gratuity is 20 percent, and no less than 15 percent. No tipping and/or Low tipping is regarded as offensive to any server or someone who is rendering your service.
  4. Don’t walk around with a large amount of cash on your person. This should have been first, now that I think about it. You don’t want to be lose your money or overspend because of miscalculations. I’ve done it, so I know. And now I’m sharing.

In Haiti, your money (USD) can go a long way – even on a budget. Food is cheap there. But what will get you are the souvenirs. So putting some money aside to make those purchases separately is a VERY good idea. Oh, and lastly, Enjoy the experience!

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