Haitian Toy Cars

Haitian Toy Cars

Haitian Toy Cars!

Spending my first 12 years in Haiti, one thing I’ve always marveled over is how we improvise as a people, the youth always find ways to create fun tools and toys to keep themselves occupied. One of which is the toy cars made from cans.


dec_24_2002_bIn my neighborhood, I’d see my friends or some kids with these toys cars made from cans a lot, especially during the summer. I would always wonder how genius of them. And would consider even having a swap for a battery powered racecar with a man-made car made from cans for a day. To me, it seem so much funner because i was abble to pull these cars over rocks and seem to also have had some kind of shock absorption system installed. Well, maybe the latter was just all in my head but they went where my toy racecars couldn’t go. Granted, I’ve played with those cars, but have never been able to make one myself. I never learned the skill as my good friends had. Yes, bummer.

It goes to show you that sometimes in order to obtain, you unhave to create… make of what you have. When these less fortunate kids didn’t have the means to a battery powered car, they made durable man-made cars from cans.

There’s a lesson to be taken from this.

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