How to Peel Plantains

How to Peel Plantains

Yes, folks! The title, as you see it, is really what you see there; “How To Peel Plantains”. As simple as it may sound, not everyone knows how to peel or skin perfectly a plantain. This is something I learned not too long ago while assisting my mother in the kitchen, so I’d like to also share this with you. Now, being from the Caribbean doesn’t mean you’re a pro at skinning plantains. Again, this is VERY easy.


What you will need:

1. Plantains, and a knife







2.  A pot of HOT water








Begin by slicing the ends of the plantain. Slide down with the tip of the knife at the ridges of the plantain  (no more than 3, and enough to split the skin). Then let soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Once soaked, you can just peel the same way you peel a banana.



And Voila; peeled Plantains!

peeled plantains

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