In search for lunch

In search for lunch

Visiting my family in Lake Worth, Florida

While visiting my family in Lake Worth, Florida we took some time out to visit a couple of places; one a bakery, and the other a restaurant.
Went to Bonspoon’s website to search for the nearest Haitian restaurants to us, and found that the one place which was nearest [Troubadour Restaurant] was closed… permanently. However, it will be replaced by another Haitian restaurant [Happy Creole Restaurant]. Unfortunately for us, the kitchen was not open because of the new renovations since they’d taken over Troubadour Restaurant a few days ago.
So of course, we talked with the new owner to find out when the official opening date was and in doing so,  took a quick peek inside just out of curiosity. By the looks of the decor, looks like it will be quite nice once they’re done.
We will stop by soon to review Happy Creole Restaurant which is located on Lake Worth Rd in Lake Worth, Florida.

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