Lalo Saturdays at Kaychefs Restaurant

Lalo Saturdays at Kaychefs Restaurant

KayChefs Restaurant’s Lalo Saturdays


I had waited months to finally have some Lalo. Lalo is our mustard green, collard green, or calaloo. It must be well washed and cooked properly so you can enjoy it if not it will be tough and bitter. Rewind to last Saturday at 3 pm. I knew I had to make sure I got there early if not it would be a repeat of the previous Saturday…. They sold out… So, I called to beg the owner to save me some. I reassured her that I would be coming up to Laboule shortly. When I arrived I was immediately greeted and escorted to my reserved table. She knew what I was there for. I mean come on its Saturday… Thank you Melissa!!!  Within minutes my plate full of glory. My lalo had arrived. It was served with “Sauce Pwa Congo” and let me tell you that is my least favorite bean sauce after ” Sauce Pwa Blanc”. I was hesitant about even tasting it but I did. I am glad I tasted it because this was good or was I possibly traumatized with it as a child that I thought I didnt like it when I actually did. Nonetheless it was delicious!!!!!


Now to the main reason for my trip up the mountains,  the Lalo… I didn’t realize how fast I was eating until I looked down and my plate was almost completely empty. I mixed my lalo with my rice not the other way around… I like my ration of lalo to rice to be 2:1. The lalo itself was slightly above room temp, my sauce pwa and rice were both hot.  I didnt have much protein in my lalo but to me that was fine because I am not crazy about tons of meat in my lalo then all you have is meat no lalo. The rice as well as a perfect amount and it was local! I loved that everything served was was grown and harvested from our land.


My passion fruit juice and my daughter’s limonade was freshly made with locally grown fruit. That means I was investing and helping a young kid go to school and that made me feel good. I get to have great food while supported a local family. Can it get any better than that? Those are the restaurants I want to support and patronize. Saturday is quickly approaching so if you haven’t made plans yet…. I suggest visiting Kaychefs and having some delicious Lalo and if for some weird reason you don’t like Lalo have a delicious burger. The tet chaje is my favorite!

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