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Taste of Haiti Orlando tasting event

Taste of Haiti Orlando tasting event

Taste of Haiti Orlando tasting event


The prelude to the first of this extraordinary festival namely Taste Of Haiti.



One week before this grand event, a few of Orlando’s food bloggers, including me, were invited on the set of Tele Anacaona to savor and to tease our palates with an amazing meal prepared by a chef of Haitian descent, Chef McAlex Joseph.
We were presented with a typical Haitian dish; marinated chicken in Haitian Creole sauce, Russian salad (which is made with beets, potatoes, peas and carrots mixed with mayo – known as Salade Russe), savory black rice cooked with the broth of this dried wild mushroom djon-djon and coconut milk. This mushroom rice we call ‘diri ak djon-djon’ is a very popular dish among Haitians.


Being that I’m Haitian, this dish, although very delicious, was not something that I was not used to. However, what grabbed my attention was the initial reactions of my counterparts. They were individually blown away by how flavorful this dish was.


I would love to tell you more, but you have to see it for yourself.
The television show will air this Friday via Taste Of Haiti Orlando’s Facebook LIVE Friday at 5PM.  Masks it a date to check it out.  But most importantly, save the date for Taste of Haiti Orlando’s first annual going on right here in our City Beautiful, Orlando, Florida.



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