Teatro Bar & Grill in Orlando, Florida

Teatro Bar & Grill in Orlando, Florida

Teatro Bar & Grill Orlando, Florida

Bonspoon’s Official Review of Teatro Bar & Grill

This is my first and many more to come of Bonspoon’s Official Review on this website. And luckily for Teatro Bar and Grill, it is a good one. Now, I’ve heard so much about this new Haitian restaurant located in the Metro West area of Orlando, Florida. As a supporter of Haitian gastronomy, I want to rate it 5 out of 5 but that would just be biased of me.

The day of my visit to Teatro, I called and to speak with someone regarding their hours and location, although I already had the physical location and their hours of operation saved. Nevertheless, the person who answered the phone was quite courteous which is a plus in service, because Haitian restaurants have this stigma about them that they are a bit abrupt with they customers. My original time was set to visit at 7 pm, but after a brief conversation with the person, I found out that every Saturdays there’s live entertainment starting at 10 pm. I was even more excited… so planned for a late dinner so we (me and wife) can dance off some calories before heading back home.

As we got closer (600 hundred feet to the right, according to navigation), we looped the parking lot of the shopping center about 3 times before realizing that, there was no exterior business sign to point us to the actual location nor was there one for the business door. The restaurant is located in a plaza where all of the tenants share one address which they all are assigned suites. The two cars in the parking lot were far apart so we just couldn’t tell. After a couple loops of the plaza, we noticed a couple leaving the door and figured it had to be it.

We walked in around 10:10, the place was virtually empty, but that was fine with us. We figured they would be setting up at that time for the entertainment. We were kindly greeted and seated for dinner. Looking at the menu, it was decently priced. Teatro isn’t just a Haitian restaurant, it is a fusion and an inexpensive place; it was no more than the mom and pops restaurants that are all over town.

Our bartender/server, Joelle, was very pleasant and knows her drinks! We love how all the drinks were named after a Haitian town. So being that both of my parents were born in Jacmel, I ordered the Jacmel Mango Mojito. Duh!

My wife and I like a paced dinner, no rushing, so for appetizers we ordered akra then for dinner the fried fish and poisson in sauce served with banan peze (fried plantains). By the time we were served our dinner the music had already started. We were vibing to some konpa mixes and enjoying one succulant dinner. Needless, to say tjis was a great experience for our first time at Teatro Bar and Grill. We ate, drank and danced. We had a blast.

So I would rate Teatro Bar and Grill a 4 out of 5 for their service, decor, ambiance, and food location.


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